Celebrity Security Services
We assign high calibre, low profile protection agents to safeguard celebrities while in South Africa. These security agents secure “A” list celebrities, cast, film production crews, musicians and film directors and producers for the duration of their stay in South Africa or abroad. This includes time while on and off location.

This service extends to red-zone areas where production companies utilize protection services for the assurance of safety and security of the crew and equipment. Red-zone areas extend to all circumstances in any area, specifically deserted and unsafe areas.
Film friendly, well groomed and with a great knowledge of Cape Town, sets the high standard of our Security Chaperones code 8 with PDP available to chaperone your clients and crew safely and on time to and from airport, hotels, film sets and to view Cape Town’s beautiful sceneries.

  Airport Meet and Greet services
Airport handling service is arranged for our principals and pax arriving at either Cape Town International or O.R. Thambo International (Johannesburg).

With this service the party is met at the aircraft, taken to collect their luggage, whisked through customs and escorted to our ground security agents and transportation.

   Confidential Car Shoots – Stills & TVC
We provide quality vehicle scouts for Concept Car shoots, be it stills or TVC.

VIP International's operators are trained and qualified in surveillance techniques and have experience in making sure that the vehicle is secured while the photographer or camera man needs to perform.

VIP International has secured regular work for 12 top international vehicle brands for the past 16 years.

Executive Protection
Our VIP Protection team operates discreetly, ensuring physical well-being, while safeguarding peace of mind and privacy. The protection services provide all types of security profiles.

Our protection service effectively renders to low and high profile Delegations, Expatriates and Corporate Executives who regularly visit South Africa or abroad.

Protection operatives are suitably matched with Principles to ensure their safety and are responsible for making sure that itineraries are met and protection requirements are fulfilled, preventing obstacles or time delays from happening.

Foreign Corporate Executives utilize this service to ensure security and safety of their families, residential properties, as well as their own personal safety while they are on business in South Africa. To ensure effective delivery of this service, Luxury Vehicles, Security Drivers and Close Protection Agents are provided.

  Residential Protection Agents
Specialists in residential security and protection services are designated to specific areas to render quality services to residential properties. These properties are secured for 24 hours per day or as per the individual requirements, to provide a comprehensive security and protection service. Residential operatives undergo continuous training to maintain a high level of expertise and competency and are therefore effective in preventing threats from becoming reality.

Protection Escorts for Cargo loads

Protection of freight and cargo assets is assured safety during transit and between collection and delivery points. VIP International assures safe arrival of freight and cargo from local ports to desired destinations within South Africa

VIP Services